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Klikkit for

Home Care

Klikkit helps care organizations manage at-home patients by increasing their ability to follow treatment independently and enabling remote traceability of patients’ treatment and adherence.

What is Klikkit?

Klikkit accommodates patients’ individual treatment plans and helps them become more autonomous by using discreet and effective nudging.

→ Discrete smart buttons remind patients to follow their treatment and registers compliance immediately.

→ A simple management dashboard provides a complete overview of patients in real-time, allowing for timely support and intervention.

→ The solution is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical abilities or log in from the patient.

One-size fits all solution

Treatment plans are highly individual and so complex that up to 75% of the elderly need help to follow their treatment.

Regardless of the type of condition, our solution is easy for care professionals and patients to adopt.

Klikkit connects all pharmacological and non-pharmacological aspects of treatment, which means it can be used for any types of chronic conditions and treatment plans.

What the patients are saying

“Klikkit gives me peace of mind, now that I know I will remember my medicine.” – Isabel

“After I started with Klikkit, my wife and loved ones no longer worry if I have taken my medication as I should. ” – Tony

“Klikkit is so easy to operate. The text on the screen means that I am never in doubt.” – Felicia

Up to 38% improvement in patient compliance

Provides improvement of clinical conditions and therapeutic independence

Up to 60% reduction and optimization of patient visits.

An overview of patients’ compliance makes patient visits more efficient and qualified

Up to 50% reduction in treatment errors and need for additional care

Based on a reduced lack of documentation of treatment and available compliance data between visits

How it works

Klikkit tablet with a visual reminder written on the screen

The Klikkit Screen

Informs the patient when it’s time to do one of their daily tasks and provides the first auditive reminder.

The Klikkit Button

By using recognizable auditive reminders, the buttons help patients localize elements of treatment.

Click for compliance

When the task is completed, it is documented by just a single click on the button.

The Klikkit Dashboard

The dashboard enables easy patient adherence management from a simple user interface, both on the go and in the office.

→  A real-time overview of all patients’ treatment plans and their adherence.

→  All completed tasks are displayed with dates and times of execution.

→  Easy identification of uncompleted tasks, tasks completed at the wrong time as well as other deviations from the treatment plan.

What the care professionals are saying

“After working in home care for 20 years, I’ve noticed that the number of patients is increasing and their general conditions are getting worse. At the same time, we have fewer resources and hands. Klikkit is an intuitive system that helps us keep our care quality high – Natalia

After getting Klikkit it has become easier to follow patients’ treatment and do more individual-focused care – Flavia

With Klikkit we have a precise overview of all our patients’ compliance, which has made prioritizing our patient visits simpler– Kirsten

Simple task and patient management

The patients’ tasks are set up through a short visual proces in only a few clicks. Tasks are transferred to the patients’ buttons and screen in only a few minutes.

Patients are classified according to deviations and upcoming deadlines, which makes it easy to see who is in urgent need of support.

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