Simple and effective elderly care

Klikkit – a digital healthcare tool

Register and receive digital reminders of planned tasks in everyday life. Easy and intuitive help for health care professionals and elderly citizens.

What is Klikkit?

Klikkit is a welfare technology platform for home care, care homes, and hospitals.

Klikkit offers the health care sector a simple yet powerful technology that optimizes time spent and safety for citizens and patients.

The platform makes it easy and intuitive for citizens in their own homes to remember their treatment plans and helps care professionals remember, document, and monitor daily tasks.

With Klikkit, citizens in their own homes become more independent and the care professionals have more time for what is most important – helping citizens and patients.

Klikkit’s physical buttons are for the citizens. They are easily attached to tasks that need to be remembered (e.g medication, blood pressure measurement, water intake). With simple alarms, they remind you to perform desired tasks.

Klikkit’s citizen app is connected to the buttons and the care professionals dashboard. The citizen’s tablet illustrates in a simple, intuitive overview if they have one or more tasks to remember during the day.

Klikkit’s virtual button is a tablet for care professionals, which is installed in the citizen’s living room at care centers or in a patient’s hospital room. The screen shows at login when it is time for e.g. repositioning as well as when the task was last performed and must be performed again.

Klikkit’s staff dashboard gathers all information from citizens and patients and is displayed in real-time. The care professionals can keep an eye on whether tasks have been performed and optimize the treatment of citizens and patients. All data collection and storage is in accordance with GDPR and HIPAA legislation.

Klikkit helps elderly citizens follow their treatment plans in their own homes and the care professionals to provide timely care.

Klikkit for Home Care

Klikkit for home care helps citizens and care professionals ensure that necessary tasks are performed in a timely manner, using reminders and alarms connected to the various elements of treatment.

Klikkit makes it easier for citizens to remember planned tasks and to register them so that the care professionals can follow the treatment in real-time.

Klikkit for Care Homes & Hospitals

Klikkit for care homes and hospitals helps care professionals easily and efficiently remember and register the planned treatment of all citizens and patients.

On the dashboard, the care professionals get a quick overview of a citizen or patient group and can use it to prioritize where the greatest need for care or treatment is.

Reduce the risk of adverse events

Receive automatic reminders for planned tasks

Minimize administration time on daily tasks

Eliminate unnecessary transport for home care professionals

Make citizens more independent in their own homes

Data is stored securely in the Klikkit-backend

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