Simple and effective elderly care

Klikkit for Home Care

Klikkit for home care helps citizens and care professionals to ensure that necessary tasks are performed in a timely manner. Klikkit makes it easier for citizens to remember planned tasks and register them so that the care professionals can follow the treatment plan in real-time from anywhere.

The Klikkit Button

Klikkit’s physical buttons help citizens follow their treatment and become more independent in their own homes.

The buttons attach easily to items related to a task e.g. medicine, blood pressure monitor, or water bottles.

Simple alarms from the buttons remind the citizen to perform the desired tasks at the right time. The buttons and the citizen screen are connected and help the citizen to perform the task in a timely manner.

The tasks are planned in consultation with the care professionals. The buttons’ alarm beeps until the button is clicked, after which information that the task has been completed is sent directly to the care professionals’ dashboard.

The citizens’ tasks can easily be set up from the dashboard and the buttons can be programmed individually and configured to the individual citizen’s treatment plan. The sounds make the button easy to find and the alarm is calibrated to suit the hearing of elderly citizens.

Step 1: Attach the button

The button is easily attached to e.g. a pill bottle, water bottle or blood pressure monitor.

Step 2: Take action

When the alarm sounds at the scheduled time, the task is performed by the citizen.

Step 3: Click the button

When the task is completed, the citizen acknowledges with a click on the button.

Klikkit helps citizens in their own homes to follow their treatment plans and make them more independent in everyday life.

Klikkits’ Citizen Screen

Klikkits’ citizen screen is a visual and auditory reminder of treatment and is connected to the physical buttons. The citizen screen provides an additional alarm in conjunction with the buttons and helps to ensure that citizens follow their treatment plans.

In combination with the alarm on the buttons, the citizen screens’ visual reminders help increase safety when the citizen handles a larger part of their own treatment.

The citizen screen can be connected with one or more buttons depending on what is needed.

Dashboard for Care Professionals

The dashboard is the care professionals’ visual overview of the citizens they are responsible for. Through the dashboard, care professionals can easily set up alarms on the buttons through a quick and visual process, either via a computer or on their tablet.

The dashboard makes it easy to stay on top of the treatment plan as the care professionals have a constant overview of whether the citizens follow their planned treatment plan or if assistance is needed.

Information about individual citizens and citizen groups is displayed in real-time so that it can be used to provide the best and most needed support. The view can be customized to display the most meaningful information for any care organization.

Step 1: Select a task

First, the type of task or activity that the citizen must be reminded of is chosen. eg. to take their medicine, drink water.

Step 2: Set times

Now, times are set for how often the citizen should receive alarms about the specific task.

Step 3: Click the button

To have a task connect to a specific button, now press the button to pair the two.

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