Effective care for the elderly and vulnerable

Klikkit for Care Homes & Hospitals

Klikkit provides care homes and hospitals with a simple solution to easily and efficiently remember and document all planned treatments for citizens and patients.

Klikkits’ Virtual Button

The virtual button is a tablet for care homes and hospitals, which is installed in rooms of citizens in care homes or patients in hospitals. The screen shows when it is time to perform a particular treatment, when the task was last performed, and when it needs to be performed again.

The virtual button is installed e.g. next to the citizen’s or patient’s bed or out in the hallway. With their own secure login, care professionals get an easily accessible overview of necessary treatment, which allows them to immediately register completed tasks with a only few clicks.

By implementing a digital solution it becomes easy to prioritize between tasks, save staff administration time, and make it easy to pass on information between shifts.

All citizen and patient sensitive information is only available to care professionals and is stored securely in accordance with GDPR and HIPAA legislation.

Klikkits virtuelle knap closeup på tablet

Easy overview

Get an overview of upcoming tasks, countdown to the next scheduled task, and the duration of the task.


Tasks are automatically documented in the system when the button is clicked, creating a list with names of who has solved a task and when.

Easy information sharing

A complete overview of the daily tasks and patient or citizen information makes it easier to hand over important information between shifts.

Benefits of Klikkit

  • Intuitive overview of planned tasks
  • Overview of citizens and treatment registration
  • Reduced number of adverse events
  • Easy to create and retrieve documentation

The Klikkit Dashboard

The Klikit dashboard is the care professionals’ information portal, where they can find comprehensive information about citizens and patients. The dashboard gives the care professionals an overview of the citizens’ tasks and shows when the tasks have last been performed.

Citizens or patients are listed in a red or green category, which indicates the status of their treatment. Using these classifications, care professionals can easily prioritize which citizens or patients have the most urgent need for treatment and perform the planned tasks such as medication, placement, and diaper change.

All information is displayed in real-time and is available on a tablet or desktop, so you can follow from the office, the common room, or on the way to the next citizen in home care. With Klikkit, the care professionals are given a tool that lets them spend the time where it is most needed – with patients and citizens.

Two computer screens side by side showing the Klikkit dashboard for care staff

Live data

Live data is available for all citizens and patients, compiling a complete overview of their treatment plans.


Increased overview of patients’ and citizens’ statuses provides better opportunities to prioritize more urgent tasks.

Data analysis

Treatment data is documented over time, enabling care professionals to adjust treatments on a data-driven basis.

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